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Cis 312 Wk 5 Midterm Exam

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CIS 312 WK 5 Midterm Exam
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1. Understanding data representation is key to understanding hardware and software technologies.

2. Automated data processing combines physics and mathematics.

3. Decimal and binary notations are alternative forms of a logical numbering system.

4. In numbering systems other than the decimal numbering system, the term radix point is used for the period or comma.

5. The number of digits needed to represent a value decreases as the numbering system’s base decreases.
6. Generally, a byte is the largest unit of data that can be read from or written to a storage device.

7. The representation format for each data type balances compactness, range, accuracy, ease of manipulation, and standardization.

8. Twos complement notation is simple to understand for most people.
9. With any fixed-width data storage format, it’s possible that the result of a computation will be too large to fit in the format.

10. To avoid overflow and increase accuracy, some computers and programming languages define additional numeric data types called long-precision data formats.
11. Double-precision integers are sometimes called large integers.
12. You can increase the format’s numeric range by allocating more bits to the whole portion.

13. In the binary32 format, the leading sign bit applies to the exponent, not the mantissa.

14. The number of bits in a floating-point string and the formats of the mantissa and exponent impose limits on the range of values that can be represented.

15. Monetary amounts should be stored and manipulated as binary floating-point numbers.

16. Scientific and floating-point notation is far more complex than integer data formats.

17. Computers are designed to process character data and can therefore represent characters directly.

18. ASCII is a 7-bit format because most computers and peripheral devices transmit data in bytes...


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