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Project Plan

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Qianhui Zhao

Template for the Project Plan, CON SCI 3940

Complete the following template and submit online before the deadline.   No late project plans accepted.   This plan utilizes the data tables that you created with the FactFinder tool on the U.S. Census Bureau website as part of the “Preliminary Work”.

Total points possible: 25 points (this includes the 21 points for the project plan and the 4 points for the data tables created as part of the “Preliminary Work”)

  1. (1 point) What city, county, or state have you selected as the “consumer segment” for your project?
I selected California as the “consumer segment” for my project.
  2. (1 point) What consumer segment will you use as the comparison/reference group?
  3. (1 point) List the five (5) characteristics that will be presented in the consumer segment profile. At least three of these characteristics must be selected from Tables S0501 and all five characteristics may come from Table S0501. You may select one or two characteristics from additional tables, but Table S0501 contains sufficient data for completing the course project so it is fine to select all five characteristics from Table S0501.
Sex distribution
Age distribution
Distribution by educational attainment
Distribution by employment status
Distribution by race and ethnicity
  4. (8 points) Provide a complete draft of the introductory paragraph. The introductory paragraph (at least 4-5 complete sentences) must identify the focal and comparison consumer segments and must highlight the five comparisons that will be developed in detail in the body of the profile. Do not merely list the five characteristics, but instead highlight the comparisons. Use factual information to clearly and succinctly describe why a business or organization might consider providing products or services to this consumer segment. (See Course Syllabus for more information).
California is an important market for the introduction...


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