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What Project Management Means to Me

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Project management for me is a gaining satisfaction after completing a series of processes to reach and complete a goal.   It is being able when given a project, to work through these processes from beginning to end and ensuring the process meets all the requirement of the project objectives. For me personally, projects are a challenge, and I love a good challenge, so to overcome and complete any projects objective, it will require a well thought out plan for it to run efficiently, and like any challenges, there a problems and barriers that needs to be solved or over come and there is no better satisfaction when solving a hard problem and completing a challenging project.   However, I have seen in my past experience that project that have failed before it even began all because the lack of communication between the project manager and all the stakeholders involved in the project and I think this is a serious issue that project managers face when working on a project.

When I am given a project, planning is a very important process for me.   Without it, it is like walking around in the dark where you can run into or hit unexpected obstacles.   Planning will give the project objectives a clearer outlook; it allows a project manager see what must be done. It makes the project more organised and will allow the project manager be more aware on what must be completed at certain part in a project phase. Planning allows the project manager to be prepared before the project starts and it will give everyone involved a clear understanding of the project and allows them to know what responsibilities and roles they must take on and what they must do to be able to complete their tasks.   Having a well thought out plan can save time on trying to reduce problems when the projects are live.

Of course even with the best preparation and planning, unexpected problems or situation can occur in a project. Unexpected situation are frustrating when it happens but it happens for any...


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