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A Rose for Emily

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English 1020
7 November 2013
“A Rose for Emily”
Events in chronological order:
  * Miss Emily’s father died.
  * Miss Emily met Homer Barron
  * Members of the community called for Miss Emily’s relatives to come and visit.
  * Miss Emily bought a poison, arsenic.
  * Homer Barron disappeared.
  * Miss Emily refused to pay her taxes.
  * Neighbors complained about a terrible odor coming from Miss Emily’s house.
  * Miss Emily died.
  * Upon entering the house after Miss Emily’s death, visitors made a grisly discovery.
Emily Grierson was admired by her neighbors in her younger days. Even though she was referred small, fat and obese, the community respected her and thought of her as a fallen monument when she passed. After her father died and she met Homer Barron, she did not interact with anyone. She lived inside her decaying mansion and no one really talked to or saw her. One day after meet Homer, she went out and bought poison to kill him. She wanted him to be there for her forever so she kept his corpse inside of her until the day she died.

Homer Barron was a big, dark, ready man with a big voice and eyes lighter than his face. He was well known around the community and he always made people laugh. He met Miss Emily after her father died and they would be seen out together on Sundays. After the construction was finished the townspeople didn’t see him anymore so they thought he had left Miss Emily. In actuality , Miss Emily had poisoned him so they could be together forever.


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