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Reflection a Rose for Emily

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Reflection: A rose for Emily
Topic: Is Emily guilty or not?
Considering the situation of the poor Emily, nearly all readers show their sympathy to her, including me. However, there are still some controversial points needed making clear. This leads to this reflection which will analyse all these viewpoints, along with whether Miss Emily is guilty or not.
There is a variety of evidences to prove that Emily is innocent. The fact that Miss Emily has to live under “the light” of her father when she is young is probably the most salient proof. Being affected by her father who owns domineering and possessive characters, through time, she seems familiar and get along with this without any resistance. No young men come to her because her father has already excluded all of them, but no lines in the work show her angriness to him. Even after his death, he still haunts her by a tableau on the wall, which makes a big shade she tries to hide herself under. Furthermore, too much pressure happening to her that results in her action of killing Home Barron. When nearly recovering from shocking of her father’s death, she hit it off with a Yankee. It is wondered that Homer does really fall in love with her or it is just a love-joke. He hangs out with her and gives her the belief that he is serious. Besides, there is a small detail which arouses readers’ curiosity. It is accidentally true that both her father and Home Barron have a whip, does it symbolize anything thing? Does Miss Emily find out that Homer belongs to “not a marry men” and is dictatorial as her father that she is afraid of being the same situation as she used to? Those are some questions which have no answers, or only the author knows how to answer.
However, analysing from law aspect, Miss Emily is still a murderer. To survive in this world and to affirm the existence, any citizens have to follow the national rule. Whatever reason is likely to be, she does not have enough right to ending a life of a human being,...


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