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Comparison Essay

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One could never really be happy with what life gives them. We will always seek for more, it is what makes us human. These two short stories "The necklace" and "A rose for Emily" written by Guy De Maupassant and William Faulkner, show how the more you are unhappy with your life, the more unfortunate you will be and unsatisfied. Despite the fact that the two authors have nothing to do with the other, both their stories emphasize the idea of how you should be satisfied with what you are given, and believe in fate even though it is against what you want it is the right way to live. Maupassant lived from 1850 to 1893, he was born in a family of minor aristocrats, and lived in a rented castle. His parents had an unhappy marriage, and that may have influenced him in writing about Mathild in a way that shows she does not have a fortunate life. He lived in France where society ruled everything. His story was written after he got sick with a bacterial disease, that might also be related to such misfortune occurring in the story. As for William Faulkner, born in Mississippi in 1897, he was descended from a long line of Southern governors and public figures. Faulkner was said to be the most famous writer of all contemporary writers of the South. Part of William's mom's character reflects in Ms. Emily as she was very independent and an artistic person as well. Hence that may have inspired him in building Ms. Emily's character.
Firstly, it may not be obvious to the readers at first but when they read through it carefully, they come to realize that Ms. Emily's character shows the readers that her perspective of life is just wrong. She pushed everyone away from her. The society and the people around her had respect for her, however at the same time they feared her. Falkner chose these specifications, attitude and interaction with others for Ms. Emily to clearly show how the way she looks at life, and how she lives it is the exact way to stay miserable and isolated throughout...


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