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Data Consolidation

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Data Center Consolidation

INF325: Telecommunications & Networking Concepts

Betty White

Professor Byun

July 17, 2016

Bandwidth and High-Speed Communication

Bandwidth is the connection between electronic devices and the internet. It controls the traffic flow and how fast a page may appear on a screen. The amount of data that is used or can be used can be determined by the bandwidth. There is never too much bandwidth the more the faster the data moves. Bits per second (bps) describes how the bandwidth of a network is measured. It can be measured in thousands, millions, and billions per second this refers to how fast data can be transferred.   In order for the consolidation to be successful the bandwidth needs High-Speed Data Transport (HSDT). Optical fiber and cooper wires prove scalability and helps to give more bandwidth. Bandwidth and speed are basically may or may not be the same thing it depends of the case

      When it comes to speed if there is latency can be more important than more bandwidth. To make sure consolidation is successful make the latency is not that high. This can cause the problems. Information can move faster when the latency is low and high bandwidth.

Example: when you are downloading a file and how longs it takes.

Cloud computing as a consolidation option
      In order for the clouding computing to be a success the data has to be on a cloud service provider and can be accessed on the web. The start-up time is faster. When using cloud enabled services. The company needs will be meet with cloud services. There will be agility provided through cloud computing. According to Gonzales (2016),   the Internet of Things is driving engineering to wireless connections and cloud use, including the world of computer-aided design. The cloud helps to lower the capital cost. They are charged based on the services used. The fees are based a scale. It can help to eliminate the cost of extra staff...


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