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America Problem

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Pratikshya Adhikari
America Problem
The spread of American cultural around the world with focus on pop culture and Hollywood.
In the present world of globalization we have been influenced and affected by American culture which includes American cuisine, technology, business practices or political techniques. This process is often termed as “americazation” as mentioned in the article by Jahangad. America’s diverse culture, immigrant population, uniqueness and concept of modernity attract people worldwide. Baklo in his article Globalization and culture states Pell’s idea that "In the end, American mass culture has not transformed the world into a replica of the United States," Pell Writes. "Instead, America's dependence on foreign cultures has made the United States a replica of the world." However, it’s a matter of discussion weather we have been dominated by American culture or not.
America is considered as world’s superpower. Adelman says the United States still receives far more immigrants, leads the world in high technology, finance and business, the movies and higher education. It is still the world’s leader for FDI at 180 billion dollars, almost twice its nearest competitor. The United States, spending 560 billion dollars a year, has the most powerful military in the world. According to Quora magazine America is acting as “world policeman” by   implying some kind of international standard and influencing people by setting a stereotype. American citizens are mostly immigrants who are helping to bring innovative ideas which is benefiting the country immensely and making it more powerful.
American movies, pop culture are one of the most important factors for spreading American culture, fashions and customs across globe. American movies (Hollywood) are especially appealing among young people and have dominated the media market. Aragano in his artile “world falls for American Media,Even as It sours on media” he mentions that the television program...


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