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Bul 6810 Final Exam Answers

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BUL 6810 Final Exam Answers

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BUL 6810 Final Exam Answers

The final examination consists of 4 essay questions; each question is worth 25 points. Eachquestion and any subparts of the question must be answered. The final should be 6-8 pages,double spaced and only 1 inch margins, please. The answer may exceed the page limitations.This is not a group project. Each student should work alone. READ THE QUESTIONSCAREFULLY BEFORE ANSWERING.In order to do well on this test you must refer to materials in the chapters, including cases,and you may also refer to the handouts and in-class case studies and discussions. Make sure to use the legal and business terms that you have learned in the course and apply them to the facts of the questions. When you use a legal term, provide an explanation of its meaning and/or any legal test that explains how it is applied to any factual situation. If there is a case that supports your argument, make sure to explain the reasons.
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1. Using the course readings and materials, explain how legitimate accounting methods facilitate fraud. Give examples.
2. Explain what Arthur Leavitt meant by the “erosion” of the quality of financial reporting.Give examples.
3. The South Miami Engineering Company of Florida (SMEC) recently began marketing a uniquetest that can predict what the stability of soil will be during a flood. This test benefits propertyowners because it allows them to determine whether a building will be structurally stable in floodconditions. No one else performs this test in Florida. SMEC did not invent the test, but insteadpurchased the rights to a license for the entire geographical area of south Florida from a vendor.SMEC hired and trained Xavier, an experienced engineer, to perform this test. SMECprovided Xavier an...


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