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Bus 508 Final Exam Solutions

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BUS 508 Final Exam Solutions

BUS 508 Final Exam Solutions
Part #1
Question 1
Tactical planning is primarily the responsibility of ________.
Question 2
Management is the process of achieving ________ through people and other resources.
Question 3
A written explanation of an organization’s business intentions and aims is called a(n) ________.
Question 4
The set of relationships that indicates who gives directions to whom and who reports to whom is known as the ________.
Question 5
According to Maslow, an individual’s first priority is given to which level of need?
Question 6
The Americans with Disabilities Act makes it illegal for a company to ask about a job applicant’s health when that applicant is applying for a position, unless ________.
Question 7
The purpose of the EEOC is to ________.
Question 8
According to Maslow, the desire to be valued and recognized by others is a(n) ________ need.
Question 9
Under __________, employees receive stock shares or the value of the stock upon retiring or leaving the company.
Question 10
Which of the following is considered an upward communication channel?
Question 11
What is considered to be the biggest problem with email as a form of business communication?
Question 12
During the performing stage, team members ________.
Question 13
Which production process describes a manufacturing operation in which long production runs generate finished products over a period of time?
Question 14
Which of the following are combined to result in mass production?
Question 15
The want-satisfying power of a good or service is called ________.
Question 16
A(n) ________can repeat the same tasks numerous times without varying its movement.
Question 17
The marketing strategy that focuses on the precise way a B2B purchaser will use a product is known as _______________.
Question 18
Standardization would be most appropriate for all of the...


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