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Cis 312 Midterm Exam Possible Questions

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CIS 312 Midterm Exam Possible Questions

CIS 312 Midterm Exam Possible Questions
Question 1
A ____ network is a complex combination of communication protocols, methods of data transmission, and network hardware devices.
Question 2
Some experimental computers have used quantum physics to perform data storage and computation.
Question 3
____ is typically the cheapest component of current information systems.
Question 4
The biggest impetus for the change to electronic computing devices came during World War I.
Question 5
A machine capable of addition can perform multiplication by executing the addition function multiple times.
Question 6
A(n) ____ is a stored set of instructions for responding to a specific request, much as you might look up a recipe to prepare a particular dish.
Question 7
Mechanical computers were used during World War I to compute trajectory tables for naval guns and torpedoes.
Question 8
The ____ software layer has utility programs used by end users and system administrators to manage and control computer resources.
Question 9
If the instruction format is ____, the amount by which the instruction pointer must be incremented after each fetch is a constant.
Question 10
Shifting an 8-bit twos complement value to the right by seven positions is a simple way to extract and test the sign bit.
Question 11
A(n) ____ instruction generates the result true if both of its data inputs are true.
Question 12
A(n) ____ instruction suspends the normal flow of instruction execution in the current program.
Question 13
The operand of a CPU instruction cannot contain the location of a data item.
Question 14
MOVE tests the bit values in the source location and moves these values to the destination location.
Question 15
A ____ instruction copies data bits to storage locations and can copy data between any combination of registers and primary storage...


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