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Busn 602 Final Exam 100% Correct Answers

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BUSN 602 Final Exam 100% Correct Answers
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Question 1
The security market line can be used to determine the expected return on a security if we know the:
A. risk-free rate
B. systematic risk of that security
C. market risk premium
D. all of the above

Question 2
The constant dividend growth model assumes:
A. a constant annual dividend
B. a constant dividend growth rate for no more than the first 10 years
C. that the discount rate must be greater than the dividend growth rate
D. two of above are true assumptions

Question 3
The ________ is the discount rate that equates the present value of the cash inflows with the initial investment.
A. payback period
B. average rate of return
C. cost of capital
D. internal rate of return

Question 4
Which one of the following types of ratios indicates the ability to meet short-term obligations to creditors as they come due?
A. liquidity ratios
B. asset management ratios
C. capital structure ratios
D. profitability ratios
E. market value ratios

Question 5
A business organization that receives the limited liability of a corporation but is taxed as a proprietorship or partnership is called a:
A. limited proprietorship
B. limited partnership
C. limited corporation
D. S corporation

Question 6
The accrued liabilities of a firm are:
A. retained earnings from past years
B. reflect the prepayment of certain expenses
C. owners’ equity in the firm
D. amounts owed but not yet due

Question 7
Which one of the following is not considered to be a generally recognized type of market efficiency?
A. strong-form
B. semi-strong form
C. weak-form
D. insider-information form

Question 8
The internal rate of return concept...


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