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BAM 306 Principles of Marketing Final Examination
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1. All of the following are accurate descriptions of modern marketing EXCEPT which one?
2. Marketing is the creation of value for customers.
3. Marketing is used by for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.
4. Marketing is managing profitable customer relationships.
5. Marketing involves satisfying customers’ needs.
6. Selling and advertising are synonymous with marketing.

2. Consumer research, product development, communication, distribution, pricing and service are
all core ________ activities.
1. management
2. exchange
3. production
4. customer relationship management
5. marketing

3. Which marketing orientation calls for aggressive promotional efforts and focuses on generating
transactions to obtain profitable sales?
1. Product concept
2. Selling concept
3. Marketing concept
4. Production concept
5. Societal marketing concept

4. Which of the following reflects the marketing concept philosophy?
5. “We build them so you can buy them.”
6. “You won’t find a better deal anywhere.”
7. “We don’t have a marketing department; we have a customer department.”
8. “We’re in the business of making and selling superior products.”
9. “When it’s profits versus customers’ needs, profits will always win out.”

5. Building, keeping and growing profitable relationships by delivering customer value and
satisfaction is called ________.
1. Customer relationship management
2. Societal marketing
3. Customer perceived value
4. Customer lifetime value
5. Database marketing

6. You are an assistant marketing director for a firm in a market with many low-margin customers.
What type of relationship would be...


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