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How do I chat on mig33?
- Go to your mig33 on your mobile > login > scroll to the “Chat Rooms” tab and pick a room.
- Go to www.mig33.com > login > scroll to the “Chat Rooms” tab and pick a room.
- To do a search go to “Chat Rooms” > Menu > Search Rooms

How can I create my own “Chat Rooms” on mig33?
- You can create your own chat room by going to the “Chat Rooms” tab > Menu > Create Room.
- migLevel 10 is needed for you to be able to do so.

What is a common chatroom?
- A common chatroom is default chatrom that is linked to your new group.

How many chatrooms can I link to my group?
- Group owners/moderators can link unlimited chatrooms to their groups.
- Once the chatroom is linked, only group members can join and chat.

How can I edit my own “Chat Rooms” settings on mig33?
- You can edit your chatroom settings by going to your chatroom through your mobile > Menu > Room Info

How do I block an abusive user from on mig33?
- With the chat window open between you and the user, go to Menu > Block & Mute User.

How do I unblock a user on mig33?
- To remove users that you may have blocked accidentally, go to Menu > Settings > Privacy > Manage Block List > Select user > Unblock

How to chat with my friends on 3rd party IMs?
- To chat with friends on 3rd party IMs, you will first need to setup the connection
- To setup IM, please click here.
- Once you have successfully added the IM, the available friends you have will be shown on your contact list.
- You can then proceed to chat with them individually.

How to invite friends?
- Each time you get a friend to join you, you will be given referral credits. You can invite them by:
- Menu > Invite 2 mig33 > enter their mobile number

What are referral credits?
- We provide free bonus credits to each new subscriber, to give them a chance to try our services.
- Each time you refer your friends to mig33, you will then be given referral credits.

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