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Career Journal

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Career Journal #2 Activity 1.2.3, 1.3.3 The Evidence?

Name of Career: Morgue Assistant
Education or training required: There is no formal education or training required. Although, it is smart to focus on biology math, computers and communication classes in High School. An Associate's degree or any other degree in any of the sciences or health science will be enough to help further understand the job duties.
Responsibilities and daily activities: A morgue assistant is a person that assists other end of life professionals carry out their job duties. Morgue assistants store and retrieve bodies from storage, have a general upkeep of facilities gets bodies ready for autopsy, sterilize equipment, and also communicate with hospital and families. If you have a higher degree, it is possible your job description can include performing x-rays, assisting medical examiners in an autopsy and writing a report of the findings.

Salary Range: The average wage can be anywhere between $16,000 to $33,000 a year. If you have an advanced degree or many years of experience there is a chance of higher pay.
Documentation of sources:
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Self Reflection:  
A morgue assistant is relevant to this case because it was the morgue assistant who gathered the body so the autopsy could be performed. They also sterilized the equipment and gathered everything needed to perform the autopsy. I believe morgue assistants are very helpful, because they are a great asset to the team. I personally would not want to be a morgue assistant. I would not want to be around dead bodies all the time and for that...


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