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Making Career Decision

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I have requested the opinions of my folks, especially from Brother Chester Taynue Winn about my career, but for some reasons, they do not want to send any response to me.   I wrote brother Winn a number of letters in Denver in an attempt to induce a response, but he failed to send me any word. On 17 May 2005, I got so infuriated and wrote him the following words, which obviously talked about my growing level of frustration:

“I am being extremely cautioned because I am trying to avoid exaggerating the level of my frustration, which your tendency to ignore my correspondence had successfully triggered. The intent of this letter, like the ones before, is to inform you that I am surviving this self-inflicted curse—Iraq. It also seeks to echo, yes echo, my frustration given rise to by your propensity—perhaps unconscious—to send no responses or acknowledge receipt of letters I manage to write to you from a very unyielding work schedule. I don’t know what to do to get you to stay in contact with me because it’s like a craving that is increased by what it is fed. The more I write, which is an attempt to induce some kind of response from you, the louder the sounds of your silence. Mindful, it is not entirely your fault for the silence you have come to master; I will attribute the bulk of the causes leading to your “don’t-say-anything” attitude to the letter themselves, the ones I write.  

Maybe you don’t get the letters since I use Ma-sue Winn’s address, where you do not live anymore. My conscious tendency to write you using your former (but still active) address may justify this excuse, if you choose to cite it as an impediment to writing me. I should have asked for your new address, either from you or the other siblings a long time ago. I know you do not take appropriate action when you do not get the right orders. Because no one asked for your address, you chose not to give it out. It is not your fault; it is mine. I should have asked you for...


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