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Bis-155 Final Exam Practical Problems

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BIS-155 Final Exam Practical Problems
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Formatting and charts (TCOs 1, 2, and 3; 30 points)Adjust the widths of the columns so all data is visible.
Center the title “Music on Demand – Sales by Product” across columns A-D.
Increase the font size to 16, and change the font color to red.
Bold the column headings “Product”, “Unit Price”, “Quantity”, and “Total Sales”.
Add formulas to the Total Sales column to calculate the total sales for each product.
Add a grand total at the bottom of the Total Sales and Quantity columns.
Format grand totals so that they are easily read.
Format the numbers in the Unit Price and Total Sales columns as accounting or currency format with a dollar sign and two decimal places.   Format appropriately.
Correct spelling by using the Spell Check feature.
Create a 3-D pie chart on a separate sheet (Chart1) that displays the total sales for each product. (Do not include the grand total in the pie chart!)
Move the chart to a new worksheet titled “Chart 1”.
Make the title of the chart “Total Sales by Product”.
Place each product name and its percentage of sales at or inside its pie slice, with product names off to the right as well.
Move the Chart1 pie chart worksheet immediately after the Quest 1&2 sheet.
• Save your work (CTRL+s).
Formulas, applications and statistical functions (TCOs 2, 3, 6, and 10; 30 points)Draw a box around the table at A22-B25, with a light shading color for the column labels.   In cell E18, add a formula using a lookup function that will look up the grand total in cell D18 in the table of sales and assessments in A22:B25, and display the corresponding assessment. (For example, if the grand total of $505 is displayed in cell D18,...


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