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Bshs 395 Final Exam Answers

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BSHS 395 Final Exam Answers

BSHS 395 Final Exam Answers

BSHS 395 / Week 5 / Final Textbook Examination

This examination is to test your knowledge and what you have learned from The Helping Process: Assessment to Termination. This is an individual assignment. Please do not work in groups. Please work alone. Please do not share your answers or thoughts with others in the class.

There are 30 short-answer questions, and each question is worth 5 points. Please answer in complete statements; using complete sentences, and paragraphs for each. Please identify the page numbers of which your answers were found.

1. Identify and describe the three parts of the assessment phase. Page # 3-7 Chapter 1

2. Why is documentation such an important piece of the helping process? Page # 11, Chapter 1

3. How is the strengths-based approach used in the assessment phase? Provide an example. Page # 12, Chapter 1

4. Why motivational interviewing is considered a valuable interviewing strategy? Page #15, Chapter 1

5. Compare structured and unstructured interviews. What are the pros and cons of each? Page #25- 26 , Chapter 2

6. What is the definition of confidentiality, and how does it relate to the assessment phase? Page # 26, Chapter 2

7. When evaluating a client’s application for services, how does a case manager determine eligibility? Page # 28, Chapter 2

8. Explain the concept of listening during the intake interview. Why is it important for an intake interview to be effective? Page # 67 Chapter 2,

9. What are the five methods of responding? Provide a brief example of each. Page # 82-83 chapter 4

10.Choose an interviewing pitfall. Why can the pitfall hurt the interview? Page #85 Chapter 4,

11.How would you describe plan development? Why it is important? Provide a brief example. Page # 111, Chapter 6

12.What challenges do new...


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