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7.5 Portfolio Reflection
  * Describe any problems or successes you had as you searched. Did any particular search strategies work well or disappoint you? Which databases and search engines worked well? What were the major barriers to your search for balanced and credible resources?

First, let me start off by saying that research is not my strong suit. I have a very difficult time finding the appropriate articles. I try to search google but most times I find that route to be disappointing because a lot of the sources aren’t credible. The search engine that worked well for me was the virtual library. Major barriers for me were that it seemed that there were no credible resources to support my topic.

  * How did you ensure that your information comprehensively addressed the question, hypothesis, or thesis? How and why did you modify your original question, hypothesis, or thesis? What strategies did you use to reorganize the information? Did these strategies lead you to connections, patterns, etc.?

I continuously reviewed my paper to ensure everything was accurate based off of the research and lecture notes. I did not modify my original question, I just wrote my paper based on the subject of Maslow’s theories. As I am not good at organizing any paper, I am not sure of any strategies that I may have used or if it would have been done correctly, however I believe that everything connects.

  * What issues, challenges, or realizations arose as you documented your sources.

I am very unsure of myself when it comes to using APA format. When I am citing within the paper or just drafting my reference list, I am never sure whether or not I am formatting it correctly, so I guess that is a challenge within itself.


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