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How Target Audiences Use Magazines to Satisfy Their Gender Needs

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How is the target audience positioned to respond to the front cover image and sell lines?

The target audience for this magazine is 35-50 year old
working class women. They would buy this magazine because
of its feminine colours in the pictures and various sell lines.
For example the sell line ‘HOTTEST NEWEST LATEST!’
The target audience would relate to the text because they also
want to be in trend with the ‘hottest newest latest’ styles, the
target audience want to be like the girl on the cover who is
using direct address and looking into the camera coming
across to the audience as a role model who is fashionable
and whom they aspire to be. The more minimalistic colours
of the model contrasted with the brighter colours of the
font draw the audience in, the audience prefer the colours
because they don’t want to be trashy or stick out from the
crowd but want to fit in and be on trend like the everyone else.

The target audience of males aged 25 – 50 class A-C2would
buy this magazine for benefits of being up to date on the
latest and best gadgets.
For example, the main sell line “WORLD’S BEST FLAT
The audience desire to have the best TVS so that they can
live with the best products and fit in with the rest of the
nation who also have these gadgets. Instead of using a cover
model on the front cover, they use an object so that the
audience can see how great the items inside are. Using the
bright colours such as red, green and yellow, catch the
target audiences eye and make them more excited about
what is inside and want to read the information on the cover
as well as the information inside.


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