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How Can We Measure the Success of a Work of Art? What Norms Do We Use?

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When evaluating the quality of a work of art, there are myriad criteria to be contemplated beforehand. This is because there are a broad range of arts that can be overwhelmingly multifarious to comprehend. Arts are relished and savoured by almost everyone in the world but there is also a fine line between success and failure.

The first point to be measured is whether a work of art is written in such a way that the reader is emotionally manipulated by it. The aim of any prosperous artist, author, or film maker is to skew the target audiences’ intellect so that their viewpoints are subdued by the art. If this dexterity is possessed by the artist, the work of art will surely draw the consciousness of the public, thereby, leading towards sumptuousness.

The second factor to be evaluated is if the work of art has been recommended by other professional artists or celebrities. The public conscientiously hang onto every word these people say because of their high class and extensive knowledge of finer works of art. If affirmative remarks are expressed by prominent people, the public will instantaneously concur. This will provide superfluous prestige to the work of art.

The third means of appraising whether a work of art is flourishing is also the most imperative. This factor is whether the audience recommends or acquiescently confers the work of art to other members of the public. The reason why this is so pivotal is because usually the audience is the end user of a work of art. If the audience then proposes the work of art to their acquaintances, they are no longer the end user. This means that the work of art is automatically still being processed and has not been utilised by the end user, therefore adding to the eminence of the work of art.

The only way to create a successful work of art is to arduously devise and innovate a work that clutches the eyes of the target audience. That is why these three norms are...


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