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Ha 405 Midterm Exam 42/50 Correct Answers

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HA 405 Midterm Exam 42/50 Correct Answers


HA 405 Midterm Exam 42/50 Correct Answers

Question 1.1. Two groups of philosophers comprise the Big: (Points : 3) 2 4 6 8

Question 2.2. All of these philosophers except which one, examined the global issues surrounding ethics and ethical decisions? (Points : 3) Aquinas Frankl Kant Mill

Question 3.3. All of these philosophers except which one, studied personal ethics and moral development? (Points : 3) Aristotle Buber Kohlberg Rawls

Question 4.4. __________ is a major element in both legal and ethical aspects of informed consent. (Points : 3) Confidentiality Fidelity Truth-telling Disclosure

Question 5.5. “First, do no harm” is associated with this term: (Points : 3) Nonmaleficence Beneficence Informed consent Autonomy

Question 6.6. ___________ requires that you go beyond prevention to ethical action. (Points : 3) Beneficence Nonmaleficence Reasonable person standard Authorization

Question 7.7. __________ is concerned with doing what is perceived to be fair or deserved. (Points : 3) Ethics Competence Veracity Justice

Question 8.8. Which of the following principles would best support the Planetree Model of patient-centered care? (Points : 3) Confidentiality Fidelity Beneficence I-You

Question 9.9. What does IRB stand for when addressing protection of human subjects? (Points : 3)

Internal Revenue Bulletin
Institutional Review Board
International Rugby Board Intermediate Training Bulletin

Question 10.10. Justice for ___________ is when people enter the healthcare system at any level, and they believe that they will be treated with fairness, and that their needs will be met expeditiously. (Points : 3) customers patients CEOs ethicists

Question 11.11. _________ reflection can lead to resolution of the situation through appropriate action. (Points : 3) Thoughtful Professional Justified Ethical...


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