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Cis 210 Final Exam

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CIS 210 Final Exam  
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• Question 1
Application ____ is the process of constructing the programs and code modules that serves as the building blocks of an information system.
• Question 2
Integration testing is sometimes known as ____ testing.
• Question 3
A class diagram includes the class ____, which represent the program logic.
• Question 4
In a structure chart, a(n) ____ line, which has a diamond on one end, indicates that a control module determines which subordinate modules will be invoked.
• Question 5
In a technique called ____ testing, the programmer simulates each program outcome or result and displays a message to indicate whether or not the program executed successfully.
• Question 6
Many organizations require a more formal type of desk checking called a structured walkthrough, or ____ review.
• Question 7
When determining outsourcing fees, a ____ has a variable fee based on the number of users or workstations that have access to the application.
• Question 8
Some industry leaders predict that ____ computing will offer an overall online software and data environment supported by supercomputer technology.
• Question 9
Buyers can customize a software package by ____.
• Question 10
The choice between developing versus purchasing software often is called a ____ decision.
• Question 11
A software ____ is software that is obtained from a vendor or application service provider.
• Question 12
A firm that enhances a commercial software package by adding custom features and configuring it for a particular industry is called a(n) ____.
• Question 13
Although the vast majority of reports are designed graphically, some systems still produce one or more ____ reports that use a character set with fixed spacing.


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