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Bmgt 321 Chapter 11 Homework / Hwaid.Com

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BMGT 321 Chapter 11 Homework /   hwaid.com

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11-16 Disposal of assets.

Answer the following questions.
1. A company has an inventory of 1,250 assorted parts for a line of missiles that has been discontinued. The inventory cost is $76,000. The parts can be either (a) remachined at total additional costs of $26,500 and then sold for $33,500 or (b) sold as scrap for $2,500. Which action is more profitable? Show your calculations.
2. A truck, costing $100,500 and uninsured, is wrecked its first day in use. It can be either (a) disposed of for $18,000 cash and replaced with a similar truck costing $103,000 or (b) rebuilt for $88,500 and thus be brand-new as far as operating characteristics and looks are concerned. Which action is less costly? Show your calculations.

11-17 Relevant and irrelevant costs.

Answer the following questions.
1. DeCesare Computers makes 5,200 units of a circuit board, CB76, at a cost of $280 each. Variable cost per unit is $190 and fixed cost per unit is $90. Peach Electronics offers to supply 5,200 units of CB76 for $260. If DeCesare buys from Peach it will be able to save $10 per unit in fixed costs but continue to incur the remaining $80 per unit. Should DeCesare accept Peach’s offer? Explain.
2. LN Manufacturing is deciding whether to keep or replace an old machine. It obtains the following information:

LN Manufacturing uses straight-line depreciation. Ignore the time value of money and income taxes. Should LN Manufacturing replace the old machine? Explain.

11-18 Multiple choice.

(CPA) Choose the best answer.

1. The Dalton Company manufactures slippers and sells them at $12 a pair. Variable manufacturing cost is $5.00 a pair, and allocated fixed manufacturing cost is $1.25 a pair. It has enough idle capacity available to accept a one-time-only special order of 5,000 pairs of slippers...


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