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Devry Cis 339 Ilab 6 Crcs Contracts and Method Specifications

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DEVRY CIS 339 iLab 6 CRCs   Contracts   and Method Specifications

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The design phase of the SRS project is in full swing and every developer on the team is assigned a group of packages to work on and to complete the design details of the classes in the package. To help speed up the design process, you—as the software architect of the project were assigned the task of providing a sample method contract and a sample method specification to demonstrate to your team how these two documents are developed.
You decided to use the CourseList and the Course classes for your demonstrations. The CourseList class maintains and populates the current list of courses that the end user is working with while registering for clases. You will demonstrate the contract and the specification of the GetCourseByCourseID() of the CourseList class.
The GetCourseByCourseID() method searches the current list of courses for a course whose CourseID matches the ID supplied to the method. If a matched course is found, it is returned by the GetCourseByCourseID() method; otherwise a null value is returned, indicating there are no matching courses.
Method contract of the GetCourseByCourseID() method of the CourseList class Method specification of the GetCourseByCourseID() method of the CourseList class
i L A B S T E P S
Create a Public Method Contract
Download the CRC Cards for the CourseList and Course classes and review them to prepare for your deliverables this week. Download the Method Contract Template and use it for your deliverables this week. Create the method contract for the GetCourseByCourseID() method of the CourseList class. Explain your work and the decisions you made to arrive at your proposed solution.
Create a Method Specification
Download the Method Specification...


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