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How to Address the Environment Problem

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Someone hold the view that only way to slove the environmental problems is to reach an international agreement。I oppose this idea on the ground that individuals still contribute to this problem。
individuals’ power can not be ignored。As we all know,every little counts. If everyone shoulder their own responsibilities that are belong to them, therefore ,this urgent problem may be addressed immediately。After all,individual is the unit of the world。Regardless of the personal function,we may lead to go astray。For example,if people   reduce to use the throwaway chopsticks or bring a portable bag instand of the plastic one,which is nondegradable by the environment itself。Besides,the companies choose some environmental-friedly method。Specifically,they develop some alternative material to package their products。
Admittedly,every country on this planet should unite to deal with the problem。Some countries are so selfish that they settle their factory on other county,thus they release their toxic waste to other country,which add additional environmental issue to that area。Then ,some international environmental documents are advocated。However,to persue the profits,some individual are still on their own way,regardless of the documents。So,the document is nothing but some paper,which prove that individuals’ awareness play an crucial role in this problem。
To sum up,undeniablely,through the international level,we can preserve the environment on the   macro regard。However,the environmental problem is the individuals’ business。The individuals’ contribution to the environment really counts。


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