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Cmst 290 Final Exam Answers

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CMST 290 Final Exam Answers
CMST 290 Final Exam Answers

1. You need to answer total of 5 Essay out of 8 Essay Questions. (If you answer more than 5 questions in your final submission; only first 5 questions will be assessed and grades will be based on your first five questions.)
2. Each essay is worth 20 points. So, total of 100 pts for 5 Essays! The exam is worth 20% of your final grade. Be sure you organize your response covering all the aspects of the question.
3. Each essay is required to be 500-525 words. Essay responses that are shorter or longer will receive deductions based on how many words over or under (the farther from the designated length, the higher the deduction). Direct quotes do not count toward the word total. Please keep direct quotes to a minimum.
4. Cite your sources using APA format. Each essay is required to have at least ONE citation placed IN THE BODY of the essay and (2) a list of references of the citations and sources used in the essay posted at the end of EACH essay.
UMUC has a good online APA guide: http://www.umuc.edu/library/libhow/apa_examples.cfm
5. Format: Open Book and Open Notes. Please do NOT reword the questions to suit your answer :).
6. This exam is **not** a group project. Your answers should be yours alone.
7. Use at least ONE scholarly or reliable source in EACH essay (not including Wikipedia, About.com, Desktoppub.About.com, Desktoppublishing.com, Answers.com, Dictionary.com, How.com, or similar web sites). Examples of scholarly sources include: our course textbooks, our course modules, other textbooks, design books, journal articles, trade magazines, and conference proceedings. Note: “Personal communications (e.g. Twitter or Blogs)” are not considered scholarly sources.
8. Please spell-check your work.
You may use Discussions, readings, textbook and projects for completion of this exam. However, you must cite any resources used in your...


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