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Analysis on the Fall of the House of Usher

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The novel The Fall of the House of Usher speaks about the   sister and brother of Ushers, who are the last owners of the House. They are suffering with strange illness. Roderich invites his boyhood friend to ask for comfort. Through   Roderick’s friends’ eyes we are   the witnesses of   the collapse crumbling   of the house how it finally disappears into the tarn   in the moonlight.

The story begins with   the description of the weather „….dark, dull, and soundless day in the autumn of the year…“ From the very beginning Poe refers to a sense of death decay ( White   steam of decay trees crumbling walls, clouds hanging oppressive. There is unity of details   and unity of tunes throughout the story from the beginning where the author describes the dank tarn   and the dark rooms of the house to   the end of the of the story. The unity seems to be between the sister and the brother. I think   Roderich   loves his sister and   is concerned about sister’s illness, knowing that his sister is the last relative to Roderich. From the very beginning we can guess that the story ends with death   because the dramatic details must refer to   fear or terror. That   fear gradually destroys Roderick ’s mind which   ends with a storm and   Madeleine’s   returning from the tomb.
Roderich and   Madeleine are   twins.   They   are both suffering from strange illness. Roderick may suffer even more, because it is so painful for him to see his sister suffering from   mysterious   illness.   Madeleine illness can be seen in her appearance, she seems to be physically very weak   ( The narrator sees Madeleine walking in the distance   Although he cannot see her face he notices her calmness. I suppose Roderick   loves   Madeleine and not to see her death he puts her ling in the coffin.
Roderich   has   connection with the house as he said the stones of the house   have consciousness.
Smell -   he cannot eat   tasteless   food, he could wear only certain clothes,...


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