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Hemingway Essay

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Sami Ghzala
Mrs. Deller
English Course
Sunday, September 14

hemingway essay

At a very young age, Ernest Hemingway will develop a special love for manly activities, especially for fishing. He will in fact pass most of his youth fishing and hunting with his father during family vacations in a chalet boarding Wallon Lake in Michigan.   At the age of 18, Hemingway will engage himself in the Red Cross, and will become an ambulance man on the Italy front during the World War. Gravely injured, he will fall in love with a nurse of the Milan hospital where he was regaining his health. In fact, this will be the start of a long list of fading loves. He will be married four times to four different women, will live a couple of short love flicks and will have three kids. These adventures will strongly contribute towards making Hemingway the man we will learn to know through his writing, a figure of   masculinity and toughness, but also a man who often seemed lost through all of this overwhelming world wide recognition. Always trying to project a strong personality, this might of been his way to hide his sense of inadequacy that he felt throughout his life.

This particular sense of inadequacy is well portrayed in three of the short stories we read for this course and possibly in much more of the numerous books Hemingway has wrote. Indeed, Henry from the story Snows of Kilimanjaro is the first character I would like to look upon. Henry is a very interesting character because of his reluctancy to write even thou he has decided to dedicate his whole life to being a writer. After injuring himself, gangrene develops in his wound, leaving him awaiting his death. This loss of physical capacities can then be compared to Hemingway’s injury in Italy. In fact, in the story, the injury seems to cause Henry to reminisce upon some events that have marked his life. However, all these events seem denuded of meaning to his eyes, almost as if everything he had lived for had no more sense...


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