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Unit 11 Ao3 Business Coursework

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Unit 11 - Keeping customers happy
AO3 How Customers are protected by consumer law and ways to obtain advice and support
Consumer laws
The major laws I’m going to describe are:
  Sales of Goods Act
      Trade Descriptions Act
      Weights and Measures Act
      Food and Drugs Act
      Food Safety Act.
    Sales of Good Act
The purpose of this act s to make sure that quality is in the goods that are sold to the public. This act has been amended by the Sale and Supply of Goods Act 1994. Together, these Acts state that people buying goods should expect those goods to:
  Be of “satisfactory quality”, which means that goods must   be of reasonable quality when sold; there should be nothing   wrong with goods. No defects or faults.
      Aspects of quality include:
Freedom from minor defects
Be fit for which purpose they’re sold.
Match there description, verbal or written description.
Match the size or weights shown on the packaging.
If a business sells something to a customer, even a special offer item that fails to meet these conditions, then the customer is entitled to a refund.
Trade Descriptions Act
This is a very important piece of consumer legislation. The main reason of this act is to ensure people who advertise goods or services do so accurately. Anyone who sells something to someone else must ensure the advertisement is accurate and not misleading. This act includes contents, price, packaging advertising and promotional materials of a product and service. Under the act is illegal to sell something as a “reduced price” unless it was sold at the original price for a period of 28 days prior to reduce.
Weights and Measures Acts
Under the weights and Measures act 1963 and 1979, it is illegal for a business to sell goods that are not to the specific weight or measure, as described on the packaging. Manufacturers must ensure that their goods weight or measure...


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