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How to Kickflip

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The heelflip is a very basic trick. After learning this, you can start doing variations (varial heelflip, backside heelflip and others). You don’t need to be able to kickflip to learn how to heelflip but I recommend doing so. The reason being is that it’s easier to flick with your toe than your heel.

Place the ball of your front foot on the edge of the concave (grove). Which means your toes will be hanging a bit off the side. Now that your front foot is in position, place your back foot comfortably on the tail (much like an Ollie). If you have a strong flick place your front foot higher than in the picture and if you have a weak flick place it lower than in the picture.

Now that you’ve got your stance, you need to snap your tail on the ground and get a nice clean pop. Make sure to have balance while you’re executing the pop, if not, it will be rather hard to flick your board. Other things you should look out for is popping the board higher than you can jump, because if you’re not on your board, it will also be hard to flick the board.

After you pop your board you’re going to flick your heel up and away from your body. Aim for the right side of your nose if you skate regular (as demonstrated in the picture) or to the left if you skate goofy. You want to make sure to get a good flick; if not the board will stay completely vertical and you will get credit carded.
After you get a good pop and a good flick, you don’t want to have your board hit your foot and ruin the trick. So you’re going to want to get your feet out of the way. It is also important to keep your balance in the air so that when you land, the board will not shoot out in front of you or behind you. It could also result in leaving the board behind you or in front of you.
Once the board has spun the full 360 ̊, you have to land it. Now, there are two ways to do this: catch it or stomp it. Stomping is a lot easier than catching it but it isn’t as clean. To stomp it is very easy, once...


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