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My Condolences

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My Condolences



            Sweet serenity advocates my ability to understand that it is not held at our discretion to decide the whens, wheres, hows, and the whys.   God's plan neither needs nor has an explanation, we are given one ticket to enjoy this ride.   I remember my childhood, the ghetto glory days I played in, and even now still wish I stayed in.   However, in happiness the darker memories inherently fade in.   I was nearly obliterated by the first loss of a loved one I ever experienced.


            An impetus in my way of life today remains somewhat vague and selectively I reminisce about things.   I was beneath adolescence, a child meeting the additions to my roots.   Josh was my cousin, but more than anything else I quickly discovered that he was my friend.   We laughed, ran, joked, talked, and shared poverty as well as commodity.   We never looked to find fault in each other   He was my brother.

            An innocuous young fellow, his heart was one I believed to be golden:   precious yet solid, and shimmering from his smile like the waves in the Atlantic Ocean under the moonlight.   He was love, peace, and happiness all condensed in human form from what I observed.   Thousands of miles away from me, he lived in a place that I wanted to be.   Special occasions and brief vacations brought us within tangible distance and these were the only times we shared together.   When he told me that he was sick I did not comprehend the severity of his illness; however, I'm sure he did.   It still amazes me today that he managed to clench a perpetual joviality through what I would have thought to be an abominable curse.

            First cancer came.   Next, there were treatments to remove the cancer which weakened his heart condition.   Angry at the situation, I recall saying to my mother sarcastically, "Isn't it ironic that treatments are intended to help, but this particular one hindered him!"   On the...


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