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Precognitive Dreams: Dreams of the Future

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Precognitive Dreams: 
Dreaming of The Future
Are precognitive dreams real or mere coincidence? To find out, we're going to take a look at some compelling premonitions from history; hear what mainstream science has to say about telling the future; and try some lucid dream experiments which may enable you to have psychic insights.

History is filled with psychic dreams. Perhaps the most famous of all was Nostradamus, whose prophetic insights have been linked to the Great Fire of London, the rise of Hitler, and the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
But precognitive dreams are not just reserved for the mystics of this world. When the Titanic sunk in 1912, hundreds of people came forward with reports of premonitions. Amazingly, it was possible to validate at least 19 of them, including one date-stamped letter.
Famous Psychic Dreams
Precognitive dreams have a long track record that stretches right back to biblical times. Take a look at these two famous reports from the 1800s, which offered very specific insights about imminent deaths.

Abraham Lincoln
In 1865, two weeks before he was shot dead, Abraham Lincoln had a psychic dream about a funeral at the White House. In the dream, he asked someone who was in the casket and they replied, "the president of the United States". He told his wife about the dream but neither of them took it to heart - for on the night of his assassination he gave his only bodyguard the night off.
Mark Twain

The American writer, Mark Twain, and his brother Henry once worked on riverboats on the Mississippi. One night Mark had a dream about his brother's corpse lying in a metal coffin in his sister's living room. It rested on two chairs, with a bouquet and a single crimson flower in the center. He told his sister about his dream.
Just weeks later, his brother was killed in a massive explosion on a riverboat. Many others died and were buried in wooden coffins. But one onlooker felt such pity for young Henry that she raised the money...


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