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Entreprise Ressource Planning (Erp)

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Enterprise Resource Planning (E.R.P.) attempts to integrate all departments and functions across a company to create one software that runs off one database. With E.R.P., Canada Post can centralize information and operations into one Information Technology (I.T.) system.

This report deals with the implementation of E.R.P. within Canada Post. More specifically, this report highlights the benefits of E.R.P. on communication and information, customer service and operations within Canada Post.
This report does not deal with the cost of the implementation of E.R.P.

Assumptions and Limitations:
This report is based on the following assumptions:
    ▪ The members of Canada Post’s executive team have basic knowledge when comes to E.R.P terminologies.
    ▪ Although this report is addressed to the Canada Post’s executive team, all of the employees will be informed.

This report is limited by the following:
    ▪ Given the fact that Canada Post differs greatly from other organization’s products and services, the implementation of E.R.P. and the adaptation of the system to Canada Post is limited.
Discussion of Findings
E.R.P. is a valuable tool to improve customer service, efficiency and effectiveness at Canada Post. The implementation of an E.R.P. system is a long (two years) and expensive process but there are several long-term advantages that can not be quantified in money or time.1

Communication and Information
Communication and adequate information are keys to an organization’s success.
Effective communication is crucial to effectively implement a course of action and transmit instructions and directions from the higher levels to the lower levels of management. With E.R.P., employees and managers will be able to communicate effectively: once a memorandum is posted on the E.R.P. system, everybody will be able to access the memorandum regardless of the department or the level of management.2 Feedback will also be enhanced: since...


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