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Marriagae Survey

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Marriage Survey
      During this marriage survey, parents and their teenagers participated by answering marriage questions. When looking through the questions and answers of the students and adults, I found many interesting similarities, disagreements, and things that could have influenced adults and students on how they responded to these issues. It was strange to me when I read some peoples surveys because they either had the same opinion as me or had a completely different thought then me. Although some students and parents think alike, I discovered that when it comes to marriage, a lot of people have astonishing opinions.
      One question that surprised me the most was the question that asked, “At what age do you think people should get married?” For the majority of the people answering this question, they put around 26 years old, but the rest of the people put a different age such as 30-35 years old. I think that the people that had put down 30-35 years old decided this because that is about the age their parents got married. I think that the parent’s answers and their past have affected the teenager’s response to these questions. I was also surprised when I looked at the responses to the question, “How long should a couple live together before getting married?’’. This surprised me because the answers where from 2-7 years. I put 2 or 3 years because I think you can know someone very well after living with them for that amount of time. Another person put 5 years and I was flabbergasted by this response because I suddenly thought to myself, that 5 years is a lot of time to be with someone when you are only dating them. What made me laugh was when I compared my survey to my friends and parents because they where pretty much the exact same responses especially the ones of my parents. My theory is that the people you are most around, mostly your parents, opinions are shared and you all think alike. I think this is why some answers were the complete opposite...


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