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Oil Crisis

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Oil and Gasoline Crisis

      There are many major issues that involve the lack of natural resources. One of the biggest issues is oil consumption and the amount of time until we run out. There are three important factors that are involved with the issue of oil depletion. How can we save the oil? When is the oil going to run out? How is the environment taking all of the pollution from the burning of fossil fuels? These three important questions that all involve with the depletion of oil all play a role in the future. The crisis is among us all but no one has done anything to help prevent any of these problems.
      In large cities there are many ways for many people to get to work in a timely manner.   People that live in the suburbs of these big cities usually drive to work everyday. Large portions of the people that drive to work only have one person in a car at a time. This creates problems such as parking, pollution, and lack of conservation of fossil fuels. Not only does having one person driving themselves to work deplete oils faster, but also the larger the vehicles, make this issue even worse. In almost all applications of SUV’s, it is known that these automobiles have fewer miles per gallon for consumption of gas. Surveys have been taken and it has been determined that Bangalore, India will have the best transportation system in the entire world by the time it is completed in 2011, “Bangalore will have world's best mass transit system… expected to be ready by 2011.”(Baliga) One of the reasons this new transit system will work so well is because most of it is underground and will make it easy to access from many points within the city. “Most of the lines will be underground.”(Baliga) Also this will create more room within the city because above ground is very crowded, “…problems of acquiring land in the crowded city… Bangalore's potholed roads and choked streets make driving in the city a nightmare.” (Baliga)
      Since the issue of depletion of oil...


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