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Inclusive Growth

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Inclusive growth by its very definition implies an equitable allocation of resources with benefits accruing to every section of society, which is a utopian concept. But the allocation of resources must be focused on the indented short and long terms benefits and economic linkages at large and not just equitable mathematically on some regional and population criteria.

Utopia it is because it dreams of an ideal state which we all strive towards. We still have trappings of an utterly violent prone tribal society where most of conflicts simmer for ages with no solutions at sight and yet we talk of an ideal state. Can we have the so called ideal state with so many criminals and people having no clue, sitting at top and making a huge mess of every thing they lay their hands on?

As a nation still in the process of developing itself, it would perhaps be very premature to let go of the dream of inclusive growth but with some hard realities thrown in too. Society by its very definition implies coming together of a variety of peoples and sharing of benefits in order to survive and grow. But what we do of the people who are seeped deep in concept of zero sum game, where one has to win at the cost of other across whole gamut of economic activity?

Any direct jobs to skilled people create direct and indirect jobs for people having complementary/down stream/associative skills. When thousands of people get job in IT/BPO sector many job streams are automatically created across wide spectrum of skills and locations. I do not understand aversion towards expanding job market for skilled people in IT/BPO sector. There is no economic activity, which is stand-alone and isolated from its immediate and external environment. In an expanding economy more people with wide skills are required. What will be educated people will do if there are no job opportunities when they pass out of schools and collages? I think this notion of berating any job creations because millions do not have...


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