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My First Trip

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Was it a Dream? 这是一场梦?
By Guy De Maupassant 由莫泊桑
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“I had loved her madly! “我爱她疯狂!
“Why does one love? “为什么你的爱? Why does one love? 为什么你的爱? How queer it is to see only one being in the world, 奇怪的是如何只看到一个正在世界上,
to have only one thought in one's mind, only one desire in the heart, and only one name on the 有在自己的心中只有一个想法,只有一个愿望 , 心脏,只有一个名字的
lips--a name which comes up continually, rising, like the water in a spring, from the depths of the 嘴唇-一个名字来的不断上升,在一个像泉水,从深处
soul to the lips, a name which one repeats over and over again, which one whispers ceaselessly, 灵魂的嘴唇,一个名字 , 一个一遍又一遍,其中一个传言不断重复,
everywhere, like a prayer. 无处不在,像一个祈祷。
“I am going to tell you our story, for love only has one, which is always the same. “我要告诉你的爱我们的故事,只有一个,它总是相同的。 I met her 我遇到了她
and loved her; that is all. 和爱她,这就是一切。 And for a whole year I have lived on her tenderness, on her caresses, in 而整整一年 , 我住在她的温柔,她的爱抚,在
her arms, in her dresses, on her words, so completely wrapped up, bound, and absorbed in 她的胳膊,在她的衣服,她的话,所以完全结束,约束,在吸收
everything which came from her, that I no longer cared whether it was day or night, or whether I 这一切都来自她,我不再关心是否是白天还是晚上,我是否
was dead or alive, on this old earth of ours. 是死是活,对我们这个老地球。
“And then she died. “然后 , 她就死了。 How? 如何? I do not know; I no longer know anything. 我不知道,我不再知道任何事情。 But one evening she 但是 , 有一天晚上 , 她
came home wet, for it was raining heavily, and the next day she coughed, and she coughed for 回家湿,因为大雨,接下来的一天 , 她咳嗽,她咳的
about a week, and took to her bed. 大约一个星期,花了她的床上。 What happened I do not remember now, but doctors came, 发生了什么事我不记得了,但医生来了,
wrote, and went away. 说,他走了。 Medicines were brought, and some women made her drink them. 药品被带到,一些妇女在她喝他们。 Her 她
hands were hot, her forehead was burning, and her eyes bright and sad. 手热,她的额头被烧毁,她的眼睛明亮和悲伤。 When I spoke to her, she 当我跟她说话,她
answered me, but I do not remember what we said. 回答我,但我不记得我们说。 I have forgotten everything, everything,...


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