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Death Penalty - Paper

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Death Penalty
  Death penalty or capital punishment, is it effective? Is it the right method of punishment? Do people have the right to sentence others to death? And what are the crimes, for which criminals must be executed? So that is what I want to talk about. If you ask me what is my opinion on that subject, I would say that I am a supporter of death penalty. To my mind a person who committed a series of capital crimes or a single one must be sentenced to death, for his deed in the first case, and to prevent further crimes in the second one.
  Nowadays there are 68 countries in the world that practice death penalty, they include   China, Egypt,   Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia. That are the countries where the largest amount of executions is carried out. The only fully developed countries that have retained the death penalty are Singapore, Japan and the U.S.
So let’s take a closer look at the situation in the USA. Only 14 states and the District of Columbia do not have Death Penalty, the rest of the states do have it. Since 1990s every year on average 50 criminals a year are executed in the USA. The number of executed is insignificant compared to more than 5000 criminals that are on the death row. That situation is the result of thorough investigation, which is held to prevent executions of innocent. It takes on average 12 years to carry out death sentence. And even criminals that were released from imprisonment and committed a serious crime again, spend several years in prison before their death sentence is carried out. Considering all that. The main argument of death penalty opponents that innocent people are often executed sounds unconvincing, because in fact the probability of an innocent man to be sentenced to death and to be executed is extremely low. And there are a lot of examples when wrongly sentenced to death people were released during the investigations that were held.   Ray Krone, for instance, was released in 2002...


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