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Death Penalty

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Death as punishment for crime dates back to ancient civilization. In practice,   Capital Punishment is   often thought of and socially accepted as an imperative method in the prevention, control, and ridding of serious offenses and offenders.   Historically, it has been used as a means to control, as opposed to protect a body politic; a proven slippery sloped policy that has crushed dissent, religion, and skin color in worldwide human to human atrocities. Yet even if death is used in so called “just” circumstances, does it effect rates of violent crime? Statistically in fact it does not. Moreover,   Capital punishment is not an effective means in controlling violent crime because it does not address   fundamental societal flaws which create the very environments where these crimes occur, exposing a moral double standard between civil society and government.

This claim is not aimed to shift responsibility from the perpetrator of a crime to the state, because their is no doubt a personal choice involved in the decision to commit an act of violence.             Yet, some commit crimes because of the environments they live and work in; where cultures of violence have been created, forcing those to kill or be killed. But it remains important not to blame or make victim out of the actors involved. Capital punishment will not tear through the ties of a country, city, or communities way of living or dying. Many states that implement the death penalty as the ultimate level of justice are flawed in their philosophy. If it is wrong for a person to kill a person, then how can it be right for a executioner to kill a person deemed guilty of committing a violent crime. No matter how monstrous a crime may be this philosophy creates a, “We can do it but you can’t” rule,   a double standard   that not only adds another level in disregarding the beauty of not just human life, but life as a whole; The notion that   human ego and revenge are more sacred then the tangible human...


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