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Speech Death Penalty

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In 1966, Kenneth McDuff was convicted of shooting two young boys and raping and strangling a 16 year old girl. He was sentenced to death, but the punishment was later changed to life in prison. But due to the prison overflowing, McDuff was released in 1989 and within two short years, McDuff slaughtered over nine citizens. Terror finally ended when this man was captured and put to death in 1998. If McDuff’s death sentence had never been changed to life in prison, nine lives would have been saved.   Now, imagine if the death penalty is abolished throughout the country today. The issue of prison overcrowding will only be further exacerbated. In CA alone, the court has already ordered the prisons to reduce its inmates by 55,000. How will the prisons achieve this goal? By releasing inmates earlier. How many innocent victims would fall under the bloody hands of repeat offenders? In order to prevent such disastrous outcomes from ever happening, the death penalty must stay in place. Because as long as a murderer lives, there is always the possibility, no matter how slim, that he will strike again.
      You may wonder why McDuff’s death sentence was changed to life in prison; it was because during that time the Supreme Court temporarily abolished capital punishment for a decade, from 1967 to 1977.   During this decade without the death penalty, the murder rates increased 131 percent. Why must the country repeat its mistake of abolishing capital punishment? When the death penalty was more commonly enforced again, murder rates dropped dramatically and currently, with the death penalty enforced more strictly, the murder rate is at its lowest level since 1966, the year before capital punishment was temporarily abolished. The deterrence effect on the crime rates is undeniable. The death penalty stands as an enormous warning sign to potential killers, forcing them to think twice about their actions. If you rip off this warning sign, you are telling the criminals that killing...


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