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Being Thirteen

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Being Thirteen

Everyone has gone through their thirteenth year and for sure we all must have liked it. More freedom, More wishes of your own. There might have been many advantages and disadvantages but for me it’s quite different. On the day of my thirteenth birthday I had invited all my friends to my birthday party but things didn’t turn out to be what I had expected. I should have known from the start that inviting too many friends to my party would have been a huge mistake. They had completely ruined my birthday because of the differences between each other. Being thirteen is always a special thing that happens to any person because it means you have turned into a teenager. It means that you are slowly reaching the stage of becoming an adult. Mostly when you become a teenager you start getting your rights from your parents. For me well it’s quite different. I expected a lot of different things. I thought becoming a teenager means that you would soon be out of your parents shadow but well I was totally wrong. Instead my parents shadow doubled on me. I was rarely allowed to go outside with my friends or anywhere. It was really tough to make them let me go. I had to force them until I didn’t die. Slowly, slowly, gradually their strictness grew on me. I wasn’t even allowed to be on the phone for more than ten minutes, even if the calls were made by my friends. Life is not the way it seems. I always thought that as you grew older you would get more and more freedom but I was seriously wrong. I guess the only advantage was that I rarely got any shouting from my parents. Well, I like that part.
At least about fourteen to fifteen days are left for me to turn fourteen and I am trying to make these few days special as possible for me. Although I am not exactly succeeding in my plan but still never say never because you’ll never know what will happen if you stop trying.

I hope that whoever turns thirteen, they would have the most awesome thirteenth birthday...


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