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Paragraph on Journalism and Truth

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GIULIA CRISTOFOLI 12500726 19 March 2010
A Paragraph
A democratic society can not involve without journalism. This form of communication, of investigation and of telling the truth brought out centuries ago, thanks to the Stamp invention and to the will of men to prosecute this important activity. In that period, there were different conditions in which men used to live in: there were no rights considering the journalist's world, and not anyone could write what he wanted. With the passing of the years and with the growth of national States, monarchs in all Europe became more powerful and expected to control every aspect of their nation's society; that is why a large number of journalists and writers in general hidden themselves, for not to be prosecuted for their articles, often in contrast with the monarch's politics and decisions. Even they risked their lives, these heroes fought against the system in which they lived in, because they thought it could be better than that one, according to their ideals; all the revolutions, from the French to the '1848 ones, spread out thanks also to the diffusion of ideas, provoked by the selling, the buying and the distribution of newspapers, books, and manifests. Without those means, not all of the population could have been informed so well and so fast, and they could not have participated, just like they did, in that great amount of people that caused the win of their battles. After the Second World War, instead of promoting revolutions, journalism changed under the form of a more investigative one, and thanks to some braves writers, there have been discovered a lot of scandals, such as the Watergate for USA or Tangentopoli for Italy, which determined some important political changes. In every historical era journalism has demonstrated its value and its sane purposes: without it, nothing could have been the same.


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