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Greek Myths

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The ancient Greeks are the reason for natural phenomena via the use of their myths and mythological characters. In Greek mythology, there is a god or goddess for countless natural events that have taken place in our world's history. The Greek Gods give us a mythical guide to how to comprehend how our world came to be what it is today. In Heroes, Gods and Mosters of the Greek Myths, author Bernard Evslin portrays   that Gods such as Zues, Poseidon, Pandora and athena are responsible for common things we know of today such as spiders, horses and even evil and suffering.

1 example of how Greek Gods account for an occurrence our world has faced would be Athena, a beautiful and well loved Greek Goddess, and though very kind, did not like it when a human became too egotistical about his or her abilities. When Athena learned that a young girl named Arachne was bragging about her weaving abilities, she challenged her in attempt to teachher a lesson. In the end, Arachne still thought too highly of herself and so Athena put a curse on her, turning her into a spider.   The Greek myth explains that this is supposed reason for why hairy eight legged creatures, known as spiders (arachnids); "Athena touched the rope, and at the of it swung a small hair creature with many legs" (p 14).

Another example of a natural phenomenon that is explained by a Greek myth would be the myth of pandora. in the myth of Pandora Zues has held a grudge against Prometheus for releasing fire to humans   and had decides that he wants revenge. Zeus does this by creating a beautiful
Goddess out of clay, Pandora, who is naive and curious and is given a golden box with specific intructions not to open it. Pandora, not knowing the extremely negative outcome that would come from her actions, opened the box and released "small scaly lizardlike creatures with bat wings and burning red eyes that flew out of the box and circled Pandoras head and then flew off into the night " (p 62), representing evil....


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