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Reflection About Leroy: Age 7 Up Movie

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Leroy grew up in Robert Taylor homes in the South side of Chicago, Illinois.   The public housing project became notorious for its gangs, drugs, violence and poverty. Growing up in these projects I think not only would be hard but a struggle for your life everyday. Living in these sorts of conditions would do no good to one. You either would be killed or you would end up being just like the people around you. Here, I think that Leroy would end up being like the people in the neighborhood with guns not necessarily to kill others but to protect him and his family, he would get involved with the gangs and take drugs and eventually end up in jail. I say this because he has just been exposed to all this violence at such an early age where all people do is take drugs and kill people. This clearly shows that nurture plays an important role as Leroy would learn all this from his environmental experiences and get involved with the wrong people.
Placing him in a different environment would definitely yield different findings despite his early experiences because you could see the innocence of a child in him when the movie was shot. He even realized how important education was as he said that it was important to learn so that one could get a good job and earn money.   Getting away from a place where he had to ride his bike in a balcony so that no one would push him off and take it would only do good to him. He could have a childhood that every child deserves, get good education and do the things without the fear of being shot or being taken away by gangs. He could become whatever he wanted to and eventually grow up to become a well educated human with a good job and future.


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