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23. FRENCH - Code No. 018 CLASS IX
One paper 3 Hours Marks : 100 Suggested Periods Section A Reading Marks : 20 20 30 10 05 05 10 40 65 65 50 Two unseen Passages (Prose or Poetry) with a variety of comprehnsion Questions including 08 Marks for word attack skills 2 × 10 Section B 1. 2. 3. 4. Writing

One Informal letter of not more tham 80 words One short composition (message, note, invitation, Postcard) of not more tham 30 words One shore composition of not more than 30 words based on a verbal stimulus Composition of about 80 words based on a visual stimulus Section C Writing

A variety of short question involving the use of Particular Structures within a context (not in isolated sentences). Test types used will include gap- filling, sentence completion, sentence reordering and construction of questions as well as statements based on clues Provided in a context. The grammar syllabus will be sampled each year with marks allotted for : verb forms, sentence structures and other areas Section D Culture and Civilization 10 10

A variety of questions which include short question, sentence completion, matching etc. on culture and civilization from the prescribed text book. Prescribed Books "Entre Jeunes" - Main Course Book, CBSE, Delhi "Entre Jeunes" - Work Book, CBSE, Delhi

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One paper 3 Hours Marks : 100 Suggested Periods Section B Two unseen passages (Prose or Poetry) With a variety of comprehension Questions including 08 marks for Vocabulary 2 × 10 Section B 1. 2. One informal letter of not more than 80 words. One short composition involving writing a dialogue in 40 words based on a situation provided 3. One short composition of not more than 30 words (message, recipe or invitation) 4. Composition in 100 words involving writing a story based on the outline provided Section C A variety of short questions involving the use of particular structure within a Context (not in isolated sentences) Test types used will include : Gap...


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