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To What Extent Is Friar Laurence Responsible for the Deaths of Romeo and Juliet?

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Bruno is nine- year old boy who is growing up in Berlin during the World War II. He

lives in a 5-story house with his parents, his 12-year-old sister Gretel and a few servants.

His father has a very important job and they have just been visited by a man called the

Fury (aka Hitler). After he visits, his father gets a new uniform and his title is changed to

‘commandant’, and to Bruno’s displeasure the family have to move away to a place

called Outwith (Auschwitz) therefore I will explain stylistic techniques such as narrative

structure, tone and choice of language what shows the perspective of a nine year old boy

in World War II .

So in this essay I will explain what John Boyne’s stylistic techniques in the novel are. I

would also like to say the narrative structure in the novel is very well done; it flows well

with the tone and choice. In chapter ten- Boyne explaining Bruno’s route of adventure is

a good choice of language and tone. “The walk along the fence took Bruno a lot longer

than he expected; it seemed to stretch on and on for several miles. He walked and walked,

and when he looked back the house that he was living in became smaller and smaller

until it vanished from sight altogether.”pg 104   The way Boyne shows the feel of young

naïve emotions in chapter ten or the feel of looking through a nine year old boys eyes is

fitted in the text very well, it makes the reader feel like Bruno is moving away from a

regimental home to a isolated one, and his only friend is his adventures till he spots the

huts and smoke racks.

“Bruno remembered a book he had read in which a man was lost in the desert and

because he hadn’t had any food or water for several days had started to imagine that he

saw wonderful restaurants and enormous fountains, but when he tried to eat or drink from

them they disappeared into nothingness, just handfuls of sand. He wondered whether that

was what was happening to him now.”...


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