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The pressure for women to be thin is at an extremely high level today.   Everyone wants to have the perfect model type body because that is what is being exposed to the human eye.   Many have the anxiety to look like the models on the covers of the magazines which is causing them to lose their self-esteem.   In the minds of many women being beautiful means being thin and having a pretty face.   Women feel that they are expected to look a certain way because of all the ads that they are shown.   Being a woman, myself in today’s society media does have some affect on me.
It seems that media is very focused on women.   Media tries to send the message as to how women should look and act.   It presents this message that women need to be thin in order to be considered beautiful, and must always be all done up.   They must be flawless.   The way media presents women to the average humans really affects how many feel about them.   I have personally been affected by the messages from media.   Technological Determinism wants to know how media affects people.   Ever since I was a little girl I thought that being thin was very important in order to be pretty.   I was very close with my aunt who was all about the fashion magazines.   We would always look at the magazines and I remember my aunt always saying “I wish I could be that skinny.”   As explained through the technological determinism, media fixes our perceptions.   Media had clearly influenced my aunt in the sense of how her body should look.   Magazines were really shaping my aunt and my views on how we should look.   We started to run in order to lose weight and become thin like all the girls in magazines.  
Even when we were not going through magazines all these messages were presented to us.   Watching television shows, most of the females being used were very attractive and thin.   It was like I could not get away from seeing these girls.   One of the shows that I often watched with my aunt was “Saved by the Bell.”   All the girls on...


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