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Animal Rights in the Media

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This essay will explore the moral and ethical issues raised by human superiority over animals, why we shouldn’t have any superiority, and how this subject is portrayed in a variety of different media. The world today is becoming less aware of the pain and suffering being inflicted on animals. As a result, animals are becoming even more and more downtrodden in society. Humans have, and continue to, treat animals as if they are property, as if we can own and therefore control their lives and what happens to them. This is immoral, animals are here for themselves, animals have their own lives, and they think, have feelings, feel pain, require love (from their own species), feel emotional hurt, have families, and everything else that humans do. To just simply say that non-human animals should have no rights because they’re “defective” is a mindless statement! People come to this “conclusion” because they come up with some mindless babble like, non-human animals can’t talk, drive cars or vote, therefore they have no non-tradable properties. Well answer me this; do non-human animals have the right to exist in their natural environment and express behaviours that matter to them? We withhold non-human animals the very basic rights, simply because they don’t resemble humans. Humans are speciest!

Humans are callous, brutal and cold-blooded towards non-human animals; humans have no consideration for the feelings and suffering which they selfishly inflict on animals. When a human kills another human they are the disgrace of the country, the headlines in the news, and all they did was kill one human, one insignificant human life. Yet, no one seems to care that everyday billions upon billions of innocent animals are being sickeningly, nauseatingly, hideously, vilely, unanaesthetically murdered for meat. If you think the process of that cute cow in the field to the steak on your plate is all candy and roses, then...


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