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Animals Rights

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What do you think of when you hear the words animal rights? Protesters, or perhaps protected animals. Animal rights are needed due to animal cruelty, fur, hunting, as well as experiments. Experiments that are corrupting the moral values of everyday people. Therefore people should be required by law to treat all animals with respect.
  Humans are brutal and cold-blooded towards non-humans or in other words animals. humans have no consideration for the feelings and suffering which they selfishly inflict on animals. When a human kills another human they are the disgrace of the country, the headlines in the news. Yet, no one seems to care that everyday billions upon billions of innocent animals are being brutally beaten or killed. Research on animals is necessary to develop vaccines, treatments, and cures for diseases and to ensure that new products are safe for humans to use. Animals are biologically similar, but not identical to humans and can form some of the same health problems but that doesn’t give anyone the right to cause needless pain and suffering on the animal’s part, especially something as stupid as makeup. If animal testing were to stop now, we would be fine thanks to all the technology that we have today.
However, Imagine having a headache and not having aspirin to take, or being diabetic and not being able to take certain types of insulin. Although animals may seem the like ideal specimens for testing new drugs, the experiments are untrustworthy and can cause unknown side effects. Also It’s inhumane.
  Fixing your animals are important, People don’t understand how important it is to fix their cat or dog. Just like us, They are living, breathing creatures, given a life just as we humans have. They too have to live, eat, survive, and live their lives. But there is a huge difference between the way animals live and the way humans live. Animals have to struggle for survival; they have to fight for their lives. They do not have anybody to help take...


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